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The Lighter Side (Jan 2019)

January 31, 2019
Favorite Valentine candy by state
Alabama                Candy necklaces
Alaska Chocolates in heart box
Arizona   Conversation hearts
Arkansas   Hershey's Kisses
California Conversation hearts
Colorado Conversation hearts
Connecticut  Chocolates in heart box
Delaware Hershey's Kisses
Florida  Conversation hearts
Georgia Chocolates in heart box
Hawaii  Conversation hearts
Idaho M&Ms
Illinois  Chocolate roses
Indiana Chocolates in heart box
Iowa   M&Ms
Kansas Chocolates in heart box
Kentucky Chocolate roses
Louisiana                Conversation hearts
Maine                    Foiled chocolate hearts
Maryland               M&Ms
Massachusetts       Chocolates in heart box
Michigan                              Conversation hearts
Minnesota Conversation hearts
Mississippi  Conversation hearts
Missouri                Conversation hearts
Montana Conversation hearts
Nebraska   Foiled chocolate hearts
Nevada Chocolates in heart box
New Hampshire Conversation hearts
New Jersey Conversation hearts
New Mexico Chocolate roses
New York Chocolates in heart box
North Carolina Chocolates in heart box
North Dakota Conversation hearts
Ohio Chocolates in heart box
Oklahoma Conversation hearts
Oregon Chocolate roses
Pennsylvania M&Ms
Rhode Island Foiled hearts
South Carolina Conversation hearts
South Dakota Hershey's Kisses
Tennessee Conversation hearts
Texas Chocolates in heart box
Utah Hershey's Kisses
Vermont Conversation hearts
Virginia Chocolates in heart box
Washington Chocolates in heart box
West Virginia Conversation hearts
Wisconsin Hershey's Kisses
Wyoming Chocolate roses
Ranking by
Contenders for top Valentines treats
If you love candy for Valentine's Day-- and who doesn't? -- then here are some super sweet facts about the treat.  In the U.S., lovers spend $448 million on candy, buying 58 million pounds of chocolate.
Conversation hearts are by far the most popular candy for Valentine's Day.  And they have changed with the times.  It's not just messages like Be True or Love You.  These days you are bound to find messages like Tweet Me or Text Me, along with the more challenging Dare You.
Hershey's Kisses are also in the running for the most popular Valentine candy.  Hershey makes 60 million of these tidbits every single day.  But for Valentine's Day, the company pumps out 750 million, according to Time Magazine.  By the way, Hershey's produces enough Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in one year to feed one to every person in the U.S., Japan, Europe, Australia, China, Africa, and India.
Always in the running for the most popular Valentine gift are the ubiquitous heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  In the U.S., buyers snag 40 million heart-shaped boxes every Valentine's Day.  Caramels are the most popular.  Ghirardelli gift boxes also make the cut in the top two favorites across the country.
New candies are also in the running.  In Minnesota, Louisiana and Virginia, among others, Cupid Corn is in the running for the most popular Valentine candy, ranking about second or third.  You might be asking yourself, ‘What is Cupid Corn’?  But you already have tasted it: It's regular Halloween candy corn -- only it’s colored red and pink.  Another surprise contender is Wild Berry Skittles.  The chewy confection comes in all the right colors.
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