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The Lighter Side (June 2014)

June 26, 2014


I love everything about the camp except the campers.

Mom and Dad
Sailing is awesome.  I tipped a lot and I like it when the boat is on its side.  Also when people start to annoy me on the boat I get a good grip on the boat and flip it on its side and everyone falls in but me.

Mom and Dad,
Thank you for the care package.  I don’t care for fig newtons.  I ASKED FOR CANDY.  Please send m and m s, hershey bars, peanut butter cups, kit kats.  Please no cookies again.  I’ll write later.

Hi Mom, Karyn, Donna and Pipps,
Everything okey here.  Yesterday I tried to pass a swimming test.  The highest one I flunked.  Today I tried for the second highest and I did it.  We also went on a hike yesterday and caught a rabbit but it died.  Mike the nature councler got scrathed by it and got some needles.  I got milliens of miscito bites bites on my back and I lost the key to my trunk so please try to send me another.  I need it.

Mom and Dad,
I want to come home so much.
I want to come home.
I want to come home.
I want to come home.
I want to come home.
I want to come home.
I want to come home.
Let me come home.
Let me come home.
Let me come home.
Call the office and tell them you want to talk to me.
Don’t waste your money by making me stay here any longer.

Dear Mom
Good you packt extra underwear since I had diyareeya. It got on my shoes but not my pillow. I'm having fun at camp and learning stuff. I rock at winserfing and kyaking. I've ate more push-pops then anyone. I've ate 23 since Monday. Still two days left. 37 is the rekerd and I can beat it. Sweet! I went horseback riding and the horse in front of me took 3 huge dumps. Smoke came off the poop. It was awesome. I used my toothbrush to dig for werms. Don't freek out. The guy in the bottem bunk lets me use his. Its safe. I don't know his name but he can burp the alphabit like me. A kid named Zack can burp the alphabit backwords. I'm practising that. We put oatmeel in the counsillor's baseball hat. It was pretty funny. Oatmeel is bad Mom. Even with razins. I shot a riffel. I'm a good aimer. Can we get one when I get home. Did you know you can light farts on fire? I'll show you on Satterday.
Love, W xoxo
PS your spaketti is way better
PSS Tell my brothers to have lots of farts for Satterday.
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