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The Lighter Side (Mar 2014)

March 27, 2014


(Answers below)

1. What is the line on a weather chart which joins points of equal pressure?

2. Who invented the mercury thermometer?

3. What common term refers to the amount of water vapor that is held in the air?

4. An anemometer is used to measure what?

5. What is the circulating Atlantic Ocean current which warms Western Europe?

6. What is a haboob?

7. What is the childlike name given to the significant weather activity linked to sea temperature rise in the Pacific Ocean?

8. What are the narrow bands of strong winds called which move around the world between about six and twelve miles high?

9. What is the unit of measurement of wind speed?

10.  (Aside from a back and a front) how many sides or points does every snowflake have?

11. What is the most common gas in the earth's atmosphere?

12. What type of cloud is normally associated with thunderstorms?

13. What is the driest desert on earth, the Sahara, the Atacama or the Kalahari?

14. During a tornado, open the windows in your home to equalize the air pressure.  True or false?

15. What is consistently the coldest place in the US in the lower 48?



ANSWERS:  1. – Isobar, 2. – Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, 3. – Humidity, 4. – Wind speed, 5. – The Gulf Stream, 6. – A sandstorm, 7. – El Nino, 8. – Jet streams, 9. – Knot, 10. – Six, 11. – Nitrogen, 12. – Cumulonimbus, 13. – The Atacama (South America), 14. – False, 15. – International Falls, MN.
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