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The Lighter Side (Nov 2012)

November 29, 2012
We're from France.
That's the spirit! Sell the shirt off your back to buy the girls holiday PJs.
Cover photo for Ozzy's new Christmas CD.
At least the little one is too young to remember.
A real money saver -- the same outfits they used for Halloween minus the Santa hats.
Check out the dog's furrowed brow. I'd be worried too.
I know you're jealous. Everyone wants a monkey for Christmas.
Come and celebrate with the Tannenbaum family.
Hey Grandma, it's time to move on.
At least the little one is too young to remember.
Rudolph the Christmas clown. Check out the magic marker antlers.
After the bills are paid we hope there's money for the kid's counseling.
Get a room. On second thought, never mind, our hands are already full.
Holy Christmas Batman!
After the holidays they can make a giant flannel board.
Don't worry Santa we'll protect you from those evil kids.
Grandma shows off her latest holiday craft creation from the Home.
I honestly don't see the point of this.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
At least the little one is too young to remember.
Capturing the seasonal spirit of peace and joy.
Jimmy is not experiencing a psychotic break. He's trying to shoot the geese coming out of his brother's ear for Christmas dinner. Really.
Merry Christmas from the Dolphin family. Check out the swimming competition ribbons on the tree.
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