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Carbon Brushes for Electric Motor Applications: Conveyors & Assembly Lines, Turbines, Lift Equipment and Mining

Carbon Brushes for Electric Motor Applications: Conveyors & Assembly Lines, Turbines, Lift Equipment and Mining

Four common applications where you will find carbon brushes

Carbon Brushes for Conveyors & Assembly Lines

Carbon brushes help supply the transfer of power to conveyors and assembly lines that are used to shuttle materials between locations. Motor brushes eventually wear out, requiring technicians to do scheduled inspections, motor repair and parts replacement. Motor brush replacement is required when the brush begins to wear down, eventually causing a reduction in voltage and slowing or stoppage of the motor. Read more about carbon brush applications for assembly lines and conveyor systems.

Carbon Brushes for Turbines

Carbon brushes in high-speed power turbines help conduct electrical current between stationary and rotating parts. Among the most common applications for turbines is in electric power generation plants. Turbine operation is susceptible to current flow imbalance due to the highly selective action of the electric motor. This action can cause a buildup of deposits, impeding the brush and causing it to lose contact with the slip ring. Material grade application is especially critical in these applications. More about carbon brushes for turbines.

Carbon Brushes for Heavy Lifting Equipment

The starting and stopping action of motors in heavy lifting equipment like Tower Cranes, Crawler Cranes, and Boom Trucks demand high voltages, making operator safety a chief concern. Regular maintenance of electrical systems over the equipment’s’ lifetime is necessary and expensive. Heavy equipment construction companies optimize their Cost Performance Index by using aftermarket motor control replacement parts without sacrificing performance. Suppliers who buy replacement carbon brushes and electrical contactors for their industrial and heavy construction users are among REPCO’s best customers. More about electrical contacts and carbon brushes for heavy lifting applications.

Carbon Brushes for Mining

Mining equipment manufacturers incorporate electromagnetic motor controls and large DC motors into their equipment and systems. Like all applications, electrical contactors used in mining must quickly disengage to shut down machinery during emergencies. Durability, and serviceability are key considerations in motor and control repair and replacement parts. More about Motor Controls in Mining applications.

REPCO Replacement Parts vs. OEM

REPCO carbon brushes and electrical contacts perform equally to the OEM’s product at a lower price point. REPCO is your one source for replacement carbon brushes and contactor kits. This website features more than 350 carbon brushes and an equal number of contacts and contact kits for various industrial applications. They are conveniently arranged by manufacturer for easy identification.

Which REPCO carbon brush is best for your application? Speak with our sales engineers who can guide and quote you with one call: 800.822.9190.

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