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Carbon Brushes for Reliance Motors, Electrical Contacts for ABB Motor Controls, Contactor Shunt Offerings

Carbon Brushes for Reliance Motors, Electrical Contacts for ABB Motor Controls, Contactor Shunt Offerings

Reliance Electric Motors and Brushes and Carbon Brush Wear

Baldor acquired the Dodge and Reliance brands from Rockwell in 2007.  In 2011 Baldor was acquired by ABB.  In spite of the many acquisitions, the Reliance brand is still prevalent in the industry.  Reliance made an impressive lineup of DC motors and generators in a wide range of horsepower ratings for industrial applications. DC brush wear causes electrical erosion and mechanical friction, emitting abrasive carbon dust that can shorten brush life. REPCO stocks replacement brushes for Reliance DC variable-speed motors, generators and drives to keep these motors humming.

Read more about carbon brush surface wear, or review the Reliance carbon brush part numbers online.

ABB Motor Parts Controlling Europe

ABB products represent one-third of Europe's motor control market and up to 20% of the world market. Availability of motor control replacement parts is essential for fast and efficient maintenance. REPCO supplies replacement contacts for five of ABB control lines; including General Purpose ABB Type EHElectrical Contact listed here.

REPCO Offering Replacement Contactor Shunts

REPCO now offers replacement contactor shunts and springs. Shunts are used with any DC contactor requiring overload current protection. Typical applications include machine tools and winding/unwinding machines where good speed regulation is needed as electrical loads vary. REPCO replacement shunts correspond to the replacement contacts in REPCO’s Electrical Contact catalog. REPCO also recently added shunts for Hubbell DC motor control to its lineup.


Our experienced team can help you identify the replacement parts you need over the telephone. REPCO's cross-reference files contain thousands of catalog numbers. Contact a REPCO Electrical Contact, Carbon Brush or Control Coil specialist or request motor control parts catalogs.

OEM Motor Control Parts Replaced by REPCO (Quick Links)

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