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Carbon Brushes

Shipments of Motors Improved in Q4 of 2012

A recent article by EC&M reported NEMA’s Motors Shipments Index showed an increase of 6.5% over the previous quarter. This is a good indicator after a precipitous drop from Q2 to Q3 in motor shipments in 2012.

Repco is your complete source for carbon brushes

Repco is the only company in the world that sells carbon brushes from all major manufacturers (Carbone, Morgan AM&T, and Helwig) along with our own replacement brand of carbon brushes.

Water pump motors and the supporting cast of replacement parts are critical

Water pumps are fairly simple devices. Most use impellers and act like "fans" except they push water instead of air. There are more complex pumps, including vacuum or screw pumps, but what they all have in common is a motor driving them.

U.S. Exports of Industrial Machinery Expected to Grow

Improvements in the United States manufacturing sector always increases the demand for new and replacement parts. Manufacturing lines need maintenance and refurbishment while new products drive an increase for new components.

Waste water treatment facilities and Repco

Wastewater treatment plants are critical infrastructure components for modern society. Filtering municipal influent so it’s safe, protects the environment, and keeps everyone living healthy.

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