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June 1, 2013

Telemecanique/Gould/ITE Electrical Sales Training 102

Last month REPCO featured replacement contact kits for Telemecanique Old Style Gould, ITE.  This gave wholesale distributors the perfect opportunity to save a sale by offering end users a suitable replacement to what the OEM is no longer offering due to obsolescence.  This isn’t big news. The bigger story is that REPCO does this substitution day-in and day-out for over 90 contact series every business day of the year for the top wholesalers nationwide.

What separates good salespersons from great salespersons is their keen eye for opportunities to  earn repeat business by becoming problem solvers. Knowing when to suggest and where to source product substitutions to save an order is equally important as product knowledge itself. REPCO customers see interaction with the company’s product specialists as a learning opportunity.  Confidence and trust ripple down the supply chain when salespersons, distributors and end-users complete a transaction and install REPCO product  that equals the OEM item’s performance at a cost savings. Everybody wins.

Replacing Contact Kits -- Sales Lesson 102

Take for example, Salesperson #1, who has an RFQ for a case of motor control toggle switches, 50 contactors, a dozen overload relays, and 100 Telemecanique  Old Style contact kits. He explains to the customer that he needs to backorder the contact kits portion of the quote, but the rest of the order is no problem. Salesperson #2 at another distributor gets the same RFQ, and responds by asking the customer if it’s ok for her to substitute a REPCO equivalent to the Telemecanique G203E, guaranteeing there is no performance difference. Salesperson #2 wins the entire order since the customer needs the entire order overnight at a job site the following day. REPCO ships same day for stock orders received before 3 p.m.

Repco offers a complete lineup of replacement electrical contacts for Telemecanique (Schneider) motor starters and contactors.  In addition to the Old "Gould" Style, REPCO also carries replacements for the CN2 and LC1 Series. These contact sets  for Telemecanique (Schneider) motor starters, are normal stock for immediate delivery from Repco.

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