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Water Pump Motors and Carbon Brush Replacement Parts and Applications

Picking up from our discussion of electrical contacts in water pump motors, we now move on to another critical replacement part: Carbon Brushes.

Water Pump Electric Motors and Electrical Contacts

What’s the electrical contact’s role? A coil inside the contactor is energized to create a magnetic field that opens or closes the contacts and puts the pump motor in motion.

Motor Contactor Parts, Conveyor, Crane Electrical Motor Control

They are small items that help keep large conveyors and cranes moving. This equipment moves heavy objects and they’re the force behind the manufacture of earth-moving equipment, like tractors.

Motor Controllers in Car Washes - GE-100-200-300- Contact-Sets

Taking your car to the local car wash can be a fun experience, especially if you have kids with you. For some reason, kids love to ride through car washes. Of course, the real reward is a quickly cleaned car at the end of the tunnel.

How Do Replacement Electrical Contacts Differ from OEM Electrical Contact Kits?

At Repco we’re often asked, "How do your electrical replacement contact kits differ from the OEM kits?" The best way to answer that question is to compare three OEM electrical contact kits with three Repco replacement contact kits.

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