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What’s Under the Hood of Auto Manufacturing?

You won’t find these motors in your car, however without them, making automobiles would be next to impossible. Before your car took shape at the factory, these motors were already humming. They are the electric motors driving the machinery, shaping st

Electric Motors Drive Forest, Paper Industry Niche Parts Supplier Fills Key Role

The Lumber and Wood Production industry sector made headlines earlier this year. When the pandemic led to slowdowns in manufacturing, and the economic recovery followed, the housing market and home remodeling boomed. Wood products prices typically fluctua

When Water and Electricity Have a Good Relationship

Marine shipping costs rose sharply during COVID, and so has the demand for containers. Roughly the size of a rail car, these containers require cranes and special forklift trucks to move them...

People Movers: When You Rise, They Shine

The ups and downs of air travel begin before you board the plane. In 2020, escalators, elevators and moving walkways, along with aircraft, were motionless. In the first quarter 2021, companies like Otis Elevator reported 10% organic growth. Production

Infrastructure Powering Heavy Equipment, Industrial Distribution

Traveling along the highway this summer you may be thinking about the beach or the mountains – whatever your destination. If you are paying attention, you may also notice the groundwork being laid to upgrade the nation’s roads, rails and bridges.

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