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Choosing Control Coil Size and Voltage for Motor Starters and Electrical Contactors

What is a Control Coil in Electrical Contactors and Motor Starters? Control coils carry electrical current. The current is sent through the coil to generate an electromagnetic field. Control coils fail due to excess heat and vibration that can cause th

Brushed vs. Brushless Electric Motor Requirements

In this discussion we’re going to look more closely at Carbon Brushes and learn why motor replacement parts continue to be in demand. Sometimes electric motors and machines are older, but working fine.

Electrical Contact Replacement: Answers to Common Questions

Below are common questions about electrical contact operation and choosing replacement contacts. Our goal is to help electrical distributors avoid supply chain delays when OEM delivery can be weeks or months away.

What is a Carbon Brush for Electric Motors

Contact a REPCO carbon brush specialist for help in choosing the carbon brush type best suited for your application. Call 800.822.9190

Electrical Contact Identification Made Easy

The electrical parts industry is catalog number driven. DC contacts and AC electrical contact kits all have electrical parts catalog numbers. Watch our video!

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