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What’s Under the Hood of Auto Manufacturing?

You won’t find these motors in your car, however without them, making automobiles would be next to impossible. Before your car took shape at the factory, these motors were already humming. They are the electric motors driving the machinery, shaping st

Electric Motors Drive Forest, Paper Industry Niche Parts Supplier Fills Key Role

The Lumber and Wood Production industry sector made headlines earlier this year. When the pandemic led to slowdowns in manufacturing, and the economic recovery followed, the housing market and home remodeling boomed. Wood products prices typically fluctua

When Water and Electricity Have a Good Relationship

Marine shipping costs rose sharply during COVID, and so has the demand for containers. Roughly the size of a rail car, these containers require cranes and special forklift trucks to move them...

People Movers: When You Rise, They Shine

The ups and downs of air travel begin before you board the plane. In 2020, escalators, elevators and moving walkways, along with aircraft, were motionless. In the first quarter 2021, companies like Otis Elevator reported 10% organic growth. Production

Infrastructure Powering Heavy Equipment, Industrial Distribution

Traveling along the highway this summer you may be thinking about the beach or the mountains – whatever your destination. If you are paying attention, you may also notice the groundwork being laid to upgrade the nation’s roads, rails and bridges.

Solar Powers Manufacturing Forward

Commercial solar power usually runs off a power grid – what’s called a photovoltaic system (PV). Photovoltaics is the conversion of light into electricity. A power grid-connected PV system consists of solar panels, inverters to convert DC to AC power, a

Zero Emission Clean Energy Drives Demand for Electric Motor & Control Parts

The green goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2025 includes big plans for Electric Power – particularly Wind and Solar. This not only benefits the environment, it creates thousands of jobs.

Electrical Equipment and Parts Industry: 2021 Outlook

With 2020 now thankfully in the rear-view mirror, what does 2021 have in store for the Electrical Equipment and Parts sector of the economy? While the stock market is not necessarily an indicator of economic conditions, it can be a harbinger of growth to

Manufacturing COVID PPE Gear at Warp Speed

Ford Motor Company began manufacturing personal protection equipment (PPE) face masks and face shields in April 2020 at its European plants. This protected its workers and has evolved into a larger initiative. The effort to produce face masks and face s

Hospital HVAC Maintenance: Key to Air Ventilation and Filtration

Smaller parts inside motor controls like electrical contacts, control coils and carbon motor brushes need to be replaced. These devices are used for switching circuits on and off. Finding a source for current and older models can be challenging...

Choosing Control Coil Size and Voltage for Motor Starters and Electrical Contactors

What is a Control Coil in Electrical Contactors and Motor Starters? Control coils carry electrical current. The current is sent through the coil to generate an electromagnetic field. Control coils fail due to excess heat and vibration that can cause th

Brushed vs. Brushless Electric Motor Requirements

In this discussion we’re going to look more closely at Carbon Brushes and learn why motor replacement parts continue to be in demand. Sometimes electric motors and machines are older, but working fine.

Electrical Contact Replacement: Answers to Common Questions

Below are common questions about electrical contact operation and choosing replacement contacts. Our goal is to help electrical distributors avoid supply chain delays when OEM delivery can be weeks or months away.

What is a Carbon Brush for Electric Motors

Contact a REPCO carbon brush specialist for help in choosing the carbon brush type best suited for your application. Call 800.822.9190

Electrical Contact Identification Made Easy

The electrical parts industry is catalog number driven. DC contacts and AC electrical contact kits all have electrical parts catalog numbers. Watch our video!

Electric Motor Control: Mergers and Acquisitions

Let’s look at what’s happened in in the world of industrial motor control.

AC Mitsubishi S-N50:- How to Check for Worn Electrical Contacts

We’re going to look at an AC Mitsubishi S-N50 contactor and how to check for worn electrical contacts.

Unmasking the Power Behind an Economic Sector

The Corona pandemic has virtually grounded air travel and sunk cruise lines. However, there’s one sector that doesn’t rely so much on consumer discretionary spending. Maritime commercial shipping and commercial air freight shrunk only a modest 14% and 1

What Goes into Making Electrical Contacts?

Watch our video for the answer to that question!

OEM Delivery Delays Cost You More than Time

REPCO can help you keep customers and avoid delivery delays of OEM motor and control parts including contact kits, motor brushes and operating coils.

Turbines Help Power U.S. Energy Independence

REPCO is a wholesaler offering carbon brushes from original manufacturers as well as its own private label lower-cost alternatives for specific applications

Electrical contacts, coils, motor brushes

Your lead time for shipping of OEM Electric Motor Control Parts may be the difference between losing or keeping your customers.

Conveyor and Crusher Motor Controls using Square D/Schneider Need Replacement Electrical Contacts

Avoid Delivery Delays: Standard OEM delivery of electric motor control parts can be weeks away. REPCO stocks replacement contact kits for Square D Current Series Contactors for Motor Control used in mining operations. Electrical contact replacements...

GE Replacement Contacts and Contact Kits

Avoid OEM Delays: Standard OEM delivery of electric motor control parts can be weeks away. REPCO stocks replacement contact kits for General Electric DS303 DC Contactors for Motor Control used in Cranes for recycling collection and separation. Electrical

Siemens 3RT Sirius Contactors

Electrical contacts, motor brushes and coils when you need them.

ABB Electrical Contact Replacement

Avoid OEM Delays: Standard OEM delivery of electric motor control parts can be weeks away. REPCO stocks ABB Electrical Contacts like ABB Contact Kit: EHCK170-3 for Motor Control that may be used in Furniture Lathes and other replacements for 27 major bra

Water Pump Motors and Carbon Brush Replacement Parts and Applications

Picking up from our discussion of electrical contacts in water pump motors, we now move on to another critical replacement part: Carbon Brushes.

Water Pump Electric Motors and Electrical Contacts

What’s the electrical contact’s role? A coil inside the contactor is energized to create a magnetic field that opens or closes the contacts and puts the pump motor in motion.

Motor Contactor Parts, Conveyor, Crane Electrical Motor Control

They are small items that help keep large conveyors and cranes moving. This equipment moves heavy objects and they’re the force behind the manufacture of earth-moving equipment, like tractors.

Motor Controllers in Car Washes - GE-100-200-300- Contact-Sets

Taking your car to the local car wash can be a fun experience, especially if you have kids with you. For some reason, kids love to ride through car washes. Of course, the real reward is a quickly cleaned car at the end of the tunnel.

How Do Replacement Electrical Contacts Differ from OEM Electrical Contact Kits?

At Repco we’re often asked, "How do your electrical replacement contact kits differ from the OEM kits?" The best way to answer that question is to compare three OEM electrical contact kits with three Repco replacement contact kits.

FURNAS Innova Plus Contactors for Motor Control and Protection

So how does a motor starter and the contacts in it work? In this example we’re using a Furnas GP40 Contactor in the Innova Plus Series. Furnas is now owned by Siemens.

Carbon Brush Types and Commutation

The term "carbon brush" appeared in electrical engineering history with the change to materials actually made from copper wire, which looked like a brush, to graphite and carbon. Carbon brushes have been evolving for decades.

Siemens Motor Starter Replacement Parts: Electrical Contacts and Coils

Siemens Energy & Automation acquired the Furnas Electric Company electrical control and motor control center product groups in 1996. You will see these OEM names used interchangeably. Furnas is now a Siemens company

GE Kinematic Replacement Brushes Hubbell-Euclid Replacement Contacts Furnas Contactor Coils Replacements

Carbon Brushes for Kinematic Motors, Hubbell/Euclid Motor Controller Replacement Contacts, Replacement Contactor Coils for Furnas

Replacing Carbon Brushes for Electrical Motors?

Carbon brush grades fall under four main categories based on the manufacturing procedures, the types of carbons and other ingredients. The types of brushes are: carbongraphite, electrographite, graphite and metal graphite.

Electrical Motor Control Parts: REPCO Greatest Stories Ever Told

To end the year, we’ve dug up and summarized some of our favorite electrical contact and carbon brush "help" articles from the archives with links back to the original article for easy reference.

Electrical Wholesaling: Experience on the Front Lines

OEMs & electrical wholesalers often train new hires in non-sales related functions in one to two week stints with inside and outside sales groups. This familiarizes them with product lines, customer service and resourcefulness in satisfying the customer

Carbon Brushes for Reliance Motors, Electrical Contacts for ABB Motor Controls, Contactor Shunt Offerings

REPCO stocks replacement brushes for Reliance DC variable-speed motors, generators and drives to keep these motors humming.

Selecting Allen Bradley Electrical Contact replacements for Motor Starters

When it comes to buying Allen Bradley contactors and starters, or any OEM brand for that matter, do you choose NEMA or IEC style products? First, what is the difference between NEMA and IEC?

Cutler-Hammer Freedom Series Contactors – FAQ

Cutler-Hammer Freedom Electical Contact Series frequently asked questions.

General Electric Contactor and Starter Contact Kit Replacements

REPCO stocks a complete line of replacement electrical contacts for General Electric contactors and motor starters. Replacements are stocked for General Electric contact series.

Why Electrical Contacts Stick

Electrical contacts may stick when they open and close. Small sparks known as arcs can corrode the metal and contribute to sticking. Cleaning electrical contacts to reduce sticking is an option. Eventually, electrical contacts need to be replaced.

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